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12 Week Fertility & IVF Support  Health Program $1499  

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The 12 week Fertility Health Program is idea for couples who have been trying to conceive.   This program is ideally suited to men and women who are ready to address any underlying health issues and optimise cellular health.  IF you are undergoing fertility treatments, we work in conjunction with your Fertility team.

The 12 week Fertility Health Program is designed to support and regulate your hormone and cellular health.  Your personalised  program will provide you with a step by step process and a treatment plan for the duration of your program.


We recommend your first appointment at our clinic to maximise your results.  We understand that time is precious so can accommodate your regular appointments  via phone or skype to fit into your schedule.



  • 5 Naturopath appointment throughout your 12 week program.
  • VLA testing to track your progress
  • Fertility Health Pack
  • Weekly emails to keep you motivated
  • Diet and menu guide.
  • Your Fertility Health Booklet



  • Improve egg and sperm quality
  • Stress Management
  • Regulate Hormones
  • Improve liver detoxification
  • Optimise cellular health
  • Address nutritional deficiencies
  • Improve energy levels

** Additional functional testing may be recommended based upon your health assessment. Additional fee’s apply. **


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