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Appointment Types and Fee’s

(prices current as at 18th August 2018)

Appointment prices per person, per appointment.

First appointment

(Your first naturopath appointment is a full comprehensive health assessment.  This is when we look at the symptoms you are currently experiencing, your health goals and start working towards a plan to address them.  We assess your family and health history, stress levels, energy, digestion and current health symptoms. Please bring any blood test results you may have had completed and we may consider further testing.  We take a deep dive into your diet and lifestyle habits and make recommendations to formulate a treatment plan. Includes VLA bio-impedance test)

First appointment                                                                            $ 180

First appointment with Blood screen                                         $ 229

First appointment with Oligoscan                                               $ 329

First appointment 90 minutes (optional)                                  $ 265

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Want to save money on your Naturopathic healthcare?

Consider a Naturopath 3 pack to get started $339, save $75.


  • 3 appointments
  • 3 month treatment plan
  • VLA & Blood Screening
  • Diet & Lifestyle recommendations

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Short appointment

(Feeling sick, a cold coming on or something feeling not quite right in your body? Maybe you have a few questions about your diet? Would like to speak to a qualified practitioner in a confidential, safe space? Are you time poor and simply want to make a start with a quick visit to an experienced health practitioner? No testing included, herbs and supplements additional fees apply)

Short appointment                                                             $49

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Follow Up Appointments

(Choose the length of follow up to suit your needs and budget.  Follow up appointments are used to track and monitor the progress of your health changes during your treatment.  Your follow up appointment allows you to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment and how you are feeling. These appointments are an essential part of your naturopath healthcare allowing us to monitor progress and adjust your natural medicines based upon how you are feeling.  Things can come up along the way and making slight adjustments to your treatment can make a huge difference.  Include VLA Bio-impedance test)

Standard appointment 15                                                       $ 69

Standard appointment 30                                                      $ 99

Standard appointment 60                                                     $ 180

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Ketogenic Diet 

(Are you following a keto diet and not getting results?  Or have you been reading about the benefits of a keto diet and not sure where to start. This appointment includes a full review of your health plus a good look at your diet and recommendations for a keto diet.  From here you can decide if you would like to join a keto program with Cindi or do keto at your own pace. Includes VLA test)

Keto diet first appointment                                                     $ 180

Weigh & Measure short appointment                                   $ 69

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Children (0-13 years old)

(no testing included)

First appointment                                                                   $ 95

Standard appointment                                                          $ 75

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(If you know you need extra service and support with weekly phone contact email support and a monthly naturopath appointment with Cindi book our monthly subscription option. Conditions apply)

Monthly Subscription                                                    $ 149


Payment Options

We offer a range of payment options to help manage your naturopathic health treatment.

  • Pay as you go at each appointment
  • Pay up front for a package or program and save
  • Weekly payment plan for your selected treatment program.


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