Appointment Fee’s

(prices as at 1st July 2019)

** Appointment prices per person, per session **

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First appointment                                                                  $180

First Appointment – The Works (75 min)                         $299

(includes Live Blood, VLA & Oligoscan test)


DO you want a First appointment with  testing?

First Appointment & live blood test                                 $199

First Appointment  & VLA test                                           $199


Follow Up appointments

Regular follow up appointment                                                   $85

Short follow up appointment                                                        $55

Regular follow up with test appointment                                  $99

(regular follow up appointment includes VLA or Live Blood test in fee)

Report of Findings “Works” Treatment Plan appointment   $159


Online / Phone Appointments

First Appointment                                                          $199

Follow-up appointment                                                 $99

Online appointments scheduled via Zoom.

Upfront payment required before your session.                                                                  


Test appointment Fee’s

Test appointments are 15 minutes per test.

During this appointment, your test will be performed and results reviewed.

Oligoscan                                                                                  $165

VLA                                                                                              $75

Live Blood Screen                                                                   $75

Omega 3 Test                                                                            $75

Food Detective Test (1 hour)                                               $255

Test Appointment (30 min) Pack                                        $259

(includes VLA, Live Blood, Oligoscan, blood glucose, blood pressure)


Children (0-12 years old)

(no testing included in children’s appointment, any testing is additional to fee)

First appointment                                                                   $ 130

Standard appointment                                                            $ 79


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