Appointment Fee’s

(prices as at 1st August 2021)  * Appointment prices per person*

In-clinic or online/zoom Appointments

**Strict Cancellation Policy – 24 hours notice required** 

COVID policy – any signs of sickness on the day of your appointment, please reschedule or switch to an online session.

**All online/zoom bookings require payment 24 hours before your scheduled session.**

First Appointment                                            $207

Follow Up Appointment                                   $98

*Short & acute appointment options available, contact us for details.


Test only appointments

Test appointments are 30 minutes per test (For food detective, allow an hour).

Testing only appointments include the test,  discussion and interpretation of results plus a printout of your results. 

Heavy metal, vitamin & mineral test                                    $225

Live Blood Screen or Metascan                                             $129

Food Detective Test                                                                $299


Children (0-13 years old)

First appointment                                                                   $ 179

Standard appointment                                                            $ 88


Appointment packages available

Save money on appointments & testing with our appointment packages

Read more on packages.. 

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