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Appointment Types and Fee’s

(prices current as at 1st January 2019)

All Appointment prices per person, per appointment.  

First appointment

First appointment  – inc. VLA test or Blood screen                          $ 180


First appointment short option – no tests (30 mins)                             $99

First appointment  long -fertility, cancer (1.5 hours)                          $ 275

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Follow Up Appointment

(Follow up appointments are used to track and monitor your treatment progress)

Short appointment  (no testing)                                                                  $ 55

Standard appointment 30    (inc. VLA or blood screen)                    $ 99



Keto Diet Appointments

First appointment – keto diet, health check, VLA test               $180

** recommended**

First appointment – keto diet short option (no testing)                    $99

Folllow up Keto & Health appt. with VLA test                                     $99

VLA Test, weigh, measure appointment                                               $75

Weight & Measure – short visit                                                                $55


Short appointment option (no testing)

First appointment (short)                                                                $99

Follow Up appointment (short)                                                      $55


Children (0-13 years old)

(no testing)

First appointment                                                                   $ 99

Standard appointment                                                          $ 75


Online/Phone Naturopath Appointments

Online appointments will be conducted via Zoom meeting. This is a secure platform.

Online appointments require payment before your session. 

First Appointment                                                                              $180

Follow Up Appointment                                                                     $99

Short Follow up Appointment                                                          $55   


Test appointment Fee’s

Each Test Appointment is 15 minutes.  During this appointment, your test will be performed and results reviewed.

15 minute appointment per test

Oligoscan                                                                                             $165

VLA                                                                                                       $75

Live Blood Screen                                                                              $75


Test Pack      $259

30 minute appointment  (most popular)


  1. Oligoscan
  2. VLA
  3. Live Blood Screen

additional tests; blood pressure and spot blood glucose.


Food Allergy Test Appointment

The food allergy test take 45 minutes.

Food Detective Test                                                                          $255

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