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Is the Ketogenic Eating Lifestyle for you?

Are you ready to try a Ketogenic Diet? Everyone is talking about it,  the internet is full of success stories, but it can be overwhelming to know if its right for you.  Plus if you have read loads of information about keto, you may even be more confused about how to start!

Are you feeling frustrated with never reaching your weight loss goal?

The research is in and it clearly shows that people who seek the support of a health professional for weekly visits in the first 6 to 8 weeks of making a diet change are more likely to be successful.  Maybe it is time for you to take a fresh approach.

The First Step – Book your First appointment with Cindi

Your first appointment starts with a full health assessment to find any hidden blocks to your weight loss.

We review your current diet and lifestyle habits, exercise.  During this appointment we complete your first VLA test which gives us a starting point looking at your current weight, goals and body composition.  From here we decide on the macro nutrient ratios, calorie intake that is right for your body.

During your session we check for nutritional imbalances, hormone imbalances and overall health and well-being. We discuss your goals, old habits and strategies for creating new ones.  From here we create a personalised plan to get you started.

We teach you how to follow a health nutritious ketogenic diet and how to maintain weight loss long term.  We teach you the latest information in helping to reset your body weight set point.  We show you how to stop yo-yo dieting.

Cindi will give you all the facts and figures you need to get started on keto plus will make it simple with a step by step guide to preparing a ketogenic meal.

The Next Step – Be accountable and stay on track.

Cindi offers a range of personalised ketogenic programs to help you.

We recommend weekly appointment for the first 4-6 weeks to get started.  Cindi’s goal is simple – for you to achieve your goals!

You can choose to have personalalised one on one weekly appointments or join a group program.

30 Day Keto Kickstart Program

6 Week Keto Program

Shake it Off 6 week Group Program

Check with your private health fund, you may be entitled to extra benefits on your program.

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Payment Options

We offer a range of payment options to help you manage your healthcare.

  • Pay as you go at each appointment
  • Pay up front for a program and save

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