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Are you ready to start a keto diet but not sure how to start?

Or, do you need help with your current Keto plan?

Have you been following a ketogenic diet on your own? Are you feeling confused with how to eat? Or maybe, you had good results at the start and now are stalled? Is keto right for your body type?

It can be confusing and overwhelming relying on the internet for your personal health care. We love Dr Google but sometimes he doesn’t know what you really need. We recommend booking an appointment with Cindi to review your keto diet and a health check up. This can make the world of difference to the results you are getting.

Book your 1 hour Keto Diet Review, Health Check up & VLA test appointment today

Cindi will assess your health and check for any underlying imbalances.

We will review your current macro nutrient ratios, food diary, calorie intake and exercise and activity and so much more to ensure you are eating the right amount of everything for your body type.

We will complete your VLA bio impedance test to check your body composition and use this to monitor changes.

This appointment is a comprehensive keto check up to make sure you are on the right track with meal planning, macro nutrient ratios and more.

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