6 Week Program 

After your first appointment with Cindi for a full health check up, you may choose to join a 6 week program to help follow your plan and get the support you need to stay on track.

You will receive:

  • Your first appointment & metascan test (valued at $230)
  • Weekly appointments for 6 weeks to track your progress
  • Regular metascan tests to monitor body composition changes
  • Information booklet, meal plan, shopping list
  • Weekly newsletters to keep you on track.

** products & supplements not included in the fee**

During your weekly appointments, Cindi will check in weigh and measurements plus regular metascan tests to track progress.   The weekly appointments allow for the program to be adjusted to suit your needs.

You will be guided and supported throughout your 6 week program to stay motivated, lose weight and keep it off.

Your 6 week program is more than about diet, we teach you how to manage old habits, create new ones and make long lasting lifestyle changes.

The next step is learning how to keep the weight off.  Cindi will teach you the latest information about resetting your body weight set point and stop the yo-yo dieting.

How much weight will I lose on a 6 week program?

By following the eating plan and implementing lifestyle changes, on average most people lose 5-7kgs in a 6 Week Shake It Off Program.  These results vary for men and women and also depend on any pre-existing health condition prior to commencing your program.

In your first week, expect to lose up to 2-3 kgs. Your weekly loss can vary between between 300gms to 1.5kgs.  Results vary and depend on your commitment to the program.

For women, your hormones can have an effect on your ketogenic program.  Cindi will assess this during your weekly appointments using the VLA program.

Lose weight, look good and feel great!  Book today.

Check with your private health fund, you may be entitled to extra benefits.

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