• “The things that I value most about you are the best fundamentals ever.. great listener, compassionate, you keep it real!Β  You are great with life suggestions and looking at a problem from a different angle. Your approach to health is truly wholistic and knowledge and explanations easy to comprehend. You look at the whole person not just the biochemistry. You rock!”Β Β RW – Sunshine Coast
  • “Cindi is soooo dedicated, interested / concerned & persistent!Β  And definitely THOROUGH!Β Cindis consultations are extremely personalised and very specific based on long term results.”Β  Β LB – Gold Coast
  • “Cindi is compassionate and intelligent .. she offers – support, healing, commitment, experience and knowledge.”Β  Β AS – Northern NSW
  • “Cindi is approachable, straight talking and down to earth…definitely easy to talk too.”Β  NK – North Qld
  • “I love your confidence in the way you speak; it’s clear and concise and it makes me feel confident in your plan .Β  Your energy and enthusiasm; you are all about making a difference, so people don’t feel second best – when I am with you, you are there and present. I come to see you because you respect me and my time – you are busy too, but I never feel rushed, I feel attended to and that what’s I pay for.”Β Β MK – Brisbane
  • “You are intuitive, have great organisational and communication skills. You have enthusiasm and joy for preventive medicine and empathy.”Β Β RA – Mid North Coast, NSW
  • “You are committed – bursting vitality and health of the client is #1 for you, this is clear from the first meeting. Compassionate – you really listen and understand not just the health symptoms but how they impact on the lives of the client. You empathise, and target your treatment skillfully to the needs of each client, taking into account their lifestyle and other social factors. Last, but not least, you are clever! So clever, so knowledgable, so well trained. You continuously ensure you’re up to date with industry knowledge and research, not just in natural therapies but across all areas of health.”Β Β ST – Sydney
  • “Super strong knowledge base and a tonne of experience.Β  You follow through and see everything to the end. Super organised and reliable. A health care professional everyone needs on their team. Genuine compassion. Β Go to lady for professional opinion/ rounded and wholistic opinion.Β Β CC – Northern NSW
  • “Cindi is friendly – easy to confide in, confident – determined to see things through to the end with a positive outcome, loyal and supportive – say no more!”Β Β EM – North Qld
  • “Your genuine interest and concern in the happiness and well-being of others, your knowledge and willingness to listen and meet people where they are at and support them to work through and address whatever adjustments need to be made.Β  You have a nurturing nature and a wealth of life experience.”Β Β LH – Mid North Coast, NSW