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Simple Strategies to Start Your Post Holiday Reset

Do you need a post holidays Gut Reset?

Your simple, step by step guide to cleanse and reset your health and get back on track after the holiday season.  

Feeling sluggish post holidays? Maybe a little bloated? It only takes 7 days to cleanse and start feeling healthy and more energized. How about less bloated, more energy, better sleep and improve your digestion? With a few small changes you will start to feel the benefits and kick-start your health for the year ahead.

For the next 7 days, or longer, can you make an effort to clean up your eating and eliminate booze and coffee?

Eliminate is a strong word, I get it, but can you give it a go? Let’s talk about WHY.

A major source of ongoing toxin and allergen exposure can be found in the diet; the intake of substances such as coffee, alcohol, refined and processed foods containing additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavors.  The combined effect of these substances places an additional burden on your detoxification and can help to explain why you feel sluggish post the holiday season.

The Reset Diet Principles:

Plant based foods – eat clean and green

 Encourage liberal amounts of fresh and raw greens, fresh vegetables, fuits, spices, legumes, nuts and seeds and moderate amount of wholegrains.

Eat the rainbow

Low-saturated fats

Choose healthy fats over highly processed saturated fats.  Less processed meats like salami & sausage, margarine and dairy.


Eliminate refined, processed or packaged foods that tend to be high in various chemicals such as additives, preservatives and more.  These foods also tend to be high in calories but low in essential nutrients and are not great for the health of your digestive systems good bacteria.

Gluten & dairy free

Two of the most common allergens, gluten and dairy increase inflammation and the production of potential harmful free radicals.


By opting for organic food choices when possible, your exposure to insecticide, herbicide and pesticide residues known to ipact health will be limited.


Diets high in refined grains and animal protein, and low in fresh vegetables and greens, can be quite acidic and ultimately impact cellular function and health.  Lowering the intake of these foods and s higher ratio of alkaline, plant foods reduces acid load with the body.


Effective detoxification depends on water.  Consuming 2-3 litres of pure water daily assists the kidneys to remove wastes through this important detoxification channel.

Drink lots of clean pure water

Cooking Methods for Reset

Ideal Cooking
Avoid or Minimise Cooking Methods
Stir-fry with water
Overcooking & losing nutrients in water
High temperature cooking
Baking (if food browned or crisp)
Stir-fry in oil

Detoxify your environment

During your RESET, try to avoid unwanted or unnecessary exposure to chemicals, pollutants and other harmful substances. Check out your home, workplace and car to see how you can cleanse your space.

Avoid Recreational Drugs

Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are the most common that can impact your body’s capacity to detoxify. During your 7 day cleanse do your best to reduce or even eliminate these substances completely.

Avoid Unnecessary Chemical Exposure

Attempt to minimise exposure to chemical and pollutants during your 7 day cleanse. Opt to use chemical free cleaning products and natural insect repellents. Check your kitchen, laundry and bathroom products. Personal care products are a HUGE source of chemical exposure.

Lifestyle Tips for your Reset

Exercise – the benefits are endless, but during your cleanse it will assist with detoxification, promoting circulation and lymph throughout the body. Your lymphatic system relies on the movement of muscles during exercise to pump internal waste from the body. Get out into nature and enjoy green space too.

  • Add a few 30 minute sessions this week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. A brisk walk or swimming in great.
  • Add some strength training – try yoga or pilates.

Pure Water – Drinking plenty of good clean water is essential on your cleanse. Drink 2-3 litres during your cleanse to help with the elimination process, encouraging clearance via the kidneys. Add some lemon juice, ginger or mint for a extra cool treat.

Sleep & Rest Well- Your body uses sleep as a time to rejuvenate and heal. 7 – 9 hours of good quality sleep each night will assist your cleanse. Check your sleep environment. Is it well ventilated, dark and a comfortable temperature? This is a good time to get off your phone or laptop in the evening to promote sleep.

Dry Skin Brushing – Your skin is a major organ of elimination and as dead skin cells accumulate, they reduce your skins ability to detoxify well. Get a firm bristled brush or loofah and scrub the skin of your arms, legs and back briskly for 5 minutes before your shower.

Intermittent Fasting – fasting is a great way to help rest and reset your body. Try adding a 12-16 hour overnight fast to reset your digestion. For example, dinner by 6 pm, next meal 8 am-10am next morning, drink water and herbal teas in between, no snacking.

Choose healthy, unprocessed food at meal time.

Ready, Set Go !! You have a plan to get started. You are on your way to staring your Cleanse & Reset. Use this week to get yourself and your health back on track. This is a gentle and effective cleanse and a great way to recommit to your health goals for the year ahead.

Get outside and exercise during your cleanse week.

Are you ready to take your 7 Day Cleanse to the next level?

Cindi offers a range of personalised plans to address long term issues. Programs varies between two-six weeks depending on your current symptoms. If you have had long term digestive problems such as Irritable Bowel, Inflammatory Bowel, infertility problems, menopause or hormone imbalances and long term chemical and heavy metal exposure a more extensive program may help.

Cindi Young is a leading Gold Coast Naturopath with over 20 years experience focusing on gut health, weight loss, hormones & fertility.

Available by appointment at The Cycle of Life, Gold Coast and Centre for Mind Body Wellness in Mullumbimby and online appointments Australia wide. Cindi regularly runs workshops in her Gold Coast clinic as well as regular webinars.

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