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Do you feel like your hormones are out of balance?

  • Struggling with weight loss; no matter what you eat still gaining weight?
  • PMS, food cravings & emotional outbursts,  2 good weeks, 2 bad weeks!
  • Irregular cycle, heavy bleeding or diagnosed with endometriosis or PCOS?
  • Infertility or difficulty getting pregnant
  •  Menopause/Peri-menopause; 40’s – 50’s; cycle changes, hot flushes, not sleeping?
  • Digestive issues, bloating, reactions to foods
  • Fatigue, tired all the time
  • Mood imbalances; anxiety, depression, insomnia

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Cindi Young Naturopath is available by appointment at two clinic locations;  Gold Coast or Mullumbimby, NSW or via Zoom/online Australia wide

Cindi Young is a highly qualified naturopath with over twenty years experience.  She works with you to find the root cause of the problem.  She will educate and support you on your health journey.  You will walk away from a session with Cindi with a new understanding about your health.  You will feel confident and inspired to take the next steps to restore your health.  Stop band-aiding your symptoms and take a more holistic view. It will be the best step you take!

Have you hit your 40’s and finding it hard to balance hormones and weight?

Check out the Metabolic Balance Program for a food based plan based on your health and blood test results.

If you have tried every diet plan, it may be time for a personalised approach.

Book your FREE Discovery Call with Cindi or Renee to see if Metabolic Balance is right for you.

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Cindi may recommend further testing at your appointment. We offer an extensive range of clinical testing in-clinic we offer Live blood, Metascan & Heavy Metal Tests.  We offer a range of functional testing including DUTCH Test, gut testing and more.

If you have a bunch of health stuff going on and are ready to investigate, we recommend a Works Health Makeover Package.    Read on for more…

We offer a range of appointment packages to help you save money on your health transformation plus you get some free testing!

Appointments Now Available with Renee Eldred Naturopath & Metabolic Balance Coach via zoom

Renee is a qualified naturopath & metabolic balance coach working with Cindi to support you on your health journey.

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My goal is simple, to find solutions for you to look and feel your best and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Cindi is Your Degree Trained Practitioner with over 20 years  experience

  • Bachelor Health Sciences (Naturopathy) – ACNM
  • Graduate Certificate Womens Health – QUT
  • Metabolic Balance Coach
  • Dip Herbal Medicine – ACNM
  • Dip Nutrition – ACNM
  • Metascan Program
  • ATMS Registered

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Clinic Locations

  • Robina, Gold Coast
  • Mullumbimby, Northern NSW
  • Online/phone for patients across Australia

We offer an extensive range of clinical testing to give you solutions to help you feel better.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?