Hormones  – Thyroid  –  Keto Diet

Are your hormones controlling you?  Battling with your weight and not sure what to eat?

If you are ready for a hormone reboot,  to find the right eating plan and balance your weight Cindi Young can help.

Are you experiencing brain fog, bloating, cravings, struggling to lose weight and emotions running riot?  For the girls, your monthly cycle can have you feeling crazy.   You should feel good and balanced most of the time, if you are not, it is time to investigate.

A naturopath works holistically. We get to know you to find underlying causes contributing to how you feel. 

Are you ready to feel great?

Your first appointment with Cindi will start with a complete health check up.  We look at your diet and lifestyle, your health goals and get started on the new you.

Cindi may recommend further testing based on your health check up to find answers.  From here, we create a plan to help restore balance, improve your energy and remove blockages so that feel great.

Looking for answers and ready to investigate, choose a Works appointment  

The Works Appointment includes Oligoscan, VLA and Live Blood tests in your first appointment.

If you are frustrated with feeling sick and tired and not having answers, The Works appointment is for you!  

There is no guess work in your session when you see Cindi.  The tests we perform give us real time information to get you back to feeling great.


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If you have a few questions you would like to ask Cindi, your best way is to book a free phone session.  

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2020 Goals

Is getting to your goal weight on top of your list for 2020?  Start your health kick early and save an extra $50 off the 6 week Ketogenic Program.  That is a total program saving of $165.

2020 is the time for you to shine. 

If you have a goal, I have a plan to help get you into action.  Get yourself prepared now to hit the ground running in 2020.

Book your first appointment with Cindi in December to get started in 2020.

(T & C’s – $50 off applies to programs paid upfront only)

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My goal is simple, to find solutions for you to look and feel your best and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Cindi is Your Degree Trained Health Practitioner with over 20 years industry experience

  • Bachelor Health Sciences (Naturopathy) – ACNM
  • Graduate Certificate Womens Health – QUT
  • Dip Herbal Medicine – ACNM
  • Dip Nutrition – ACNM
  • VLA Program
  • ATMS Registered

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Clinic Locations

  • Robina, Gold Coast
  • Byron Bay, Northern NSW
  • Online/phone for patients across Australia 

We offer an extensive range of clinical testing to give you solutions to help you feel better.

All tests come with a take home report.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?