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Metabolic Balance is the original and all natural metabolic program from Germany. It is a science-based holistic nutritional analysis for long term vibrant health and weight loss.

Struggling with a slow metabolism and weight gain?

So many people struggle to control their weight and have a healthy metabolism. Metabolic Balance provides individual nutrition plans based on your unique body chemistry. Your personalised plan results in natural, healthy, sustainable weight loss and you feel great.

Each plan is unique, because it is created using your unique health information:

  • a comprehensive blood test
  • your body measurements
  • your personal health history
  • your food preferences likes and dislikes

This clear and simple plan teach you how to eat right for you:

  • which foods to eat to provide the right nutrients you need
  • in what quantities these foods should be eaten
  • in which combination foods are best for you
  • when and how to consume these foods
  • how to maintain your new eating habits for long term sustainable success

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How your Metabolic Balance Works – The four phases of your plan

  1. Phase 1 – the preparation days. The body is gently prepared for nutritional change.
  2. Phase 2 – in the first two weeks, adhere strictly to the food list in your nutrition plan. After that, oils will return to your life – and treat meals where you can eat whatever you want once a week.
  3. Phase 3 – the food list on your plan is extended and you try, with the guidance of your practitioner, to introduce further healthy foods
  4. Phase 4 – you get to experiment for yourself, based on your experiences from the first three phases – and learn what works for you. You slowly incorporate more from outside the plan, but you’ll always have your newly-learned eating habits.

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