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Functional Testing Services for Gold Coast & Northern NSW Health Practitioners

Cindi offers an extensive range of In-Clinic testing and is happy to offer this service to all Gold Coast & Northern NSW practitioners to incorporate into their patient support.

Would you like to have one or a combination of tests completed at the clinic with Cindi to monitor treatment progress or gain further insights into your patients health issues?  Maybe treatment isn’t working how you expected it to.  There may be underlying issues that functional in-clinic testing can help uncover.


Are you a Health Practitioner that would like to send your patient for testing?

What to do?  Choose the test and book your patient in with Cindi.  The test will be performed on the spot. 

Following the appointment, Cindi will compile your test report with an interpretation guide and results will be sent to you within 48 hours.  


Tests available

  • Vitamin, heavy metal & mineral test
  • Metascan – bio-impedance, body composition analysis
  • Live Blood Screening – microscopic blood testing
  • Food Detective Test –  food allergy panel
  • Blood Type Test
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Ketone

Test Package      $295

30 minute appointment  (most popular with referring practitioners)


  1. Vitamin, heavy metal & mineral test
  2. Metascan
  3. Live Blood Screen
  4. Blood glucose
  5. Blood pressure

For health practitioners, Cindi will interpret the test results for you to integrate into your treatment for your patient.

Would you like more information about tests on offer? 

Please contact Cindi to book a time to talk with Cindi.