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Weight Loss Plans

Feeling confused about which diet is right for you? Have you tried everything?

Let Cindi help select the right eating plan for you.  With so many quick fix diets and weight loss programs available it is hard to know where to start.  This is where Cindi can work with you, get to know your health history, your likes and dislikes and find the plan that will fit into your life.

As part of your program with Cindi you will receive regular health coaching sessions, accountability, food lists, recipe ideas and so much support to help you reach your goals.

Feel Great, Get Healthy!

  • Real Food
  • Long Term Wellness
  • Sustained Results
  • Practitioner Advice and Support

Which plan is right for you? You are unique!

Losing weight is more than a short term diet fix, it is about creating a healthy relationship with food for the rest of your life. A healthy body can maintain a healthy body weight.  Cindi’s approach is different because she is looking at all of the influences in your hormones, metabolism and health history to restore your health.  Cindi will work with you to choose the right plan for you.

Learn about Set Point

Your body has a metabolic weight ‘set-point’ which is influenced by multiple factors, including a sedentary lifestyle, regularly eating foods high in sugar and fat (these are called ‘hyperpalatable’ foods), insufficient protein intake, poor sleep quality and quantity, as well as high levels of  stress.

The first step to getting anywhere, is decided you are not willing to stay where you are…..

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