Why is Keto not working for me?

So, you have decided to follow a keto way of eating.  You have read books, searched the internet, spoken to friends with success stories and read the hype all in the media about keto and you are thinking, YES I am doing keto.  After some research you feel ready to hit the ketogenic diet.

It is easy right?  I mean you eat heaps of protein, fats and add some extra cheese, right?  Eventually you get into ketosis, or do you?

A Ketogenic diet can be confusing.   There is so much conflicting information in every book, website and opinion.    How do you know if it is right for you?

Common ketogenic diet mistakes that stop ketosis

I see lots of people trying to Keto on their own.  For some this works, for others it doesn’t.  These are the common Keto mistakes I see in clinic.  Hopefully fixing these common errors helps you on the road to keto success.

Don’t skip your healthy keto carbohydrates

What are healthy carbohydrates? On a keto diet, these are low glycemic vegetables and some fruit.  You need an adequate intake of  low glycemic carbohydrates to maintain many body and brain functions.

Most people I see trying to do Ketogenic diets on their own are not eating an adequate intake of vegetables.  For most people, you need 2-3 handfuls at each meal.

TOP TIP – Eat according to your keto approved vegetables and fruits

Ensure you are drinking plenty of water  

When you start eating keto and burning fat as your bodies fuel, you are also increasing the amount of toxins being moved in your body.  Stored fat deposits in the body are also storing toxins.  Couple this with a lack of  water to cleanse and clear out your system and you will start feeling sluggish and tired.

Water is your  BEST Friend on a Ketogenic diet.  Ensure you are drinking 2-3 litres daily.

Coffee – friend or foe?

When you read up on coffee and keto there is a bunch of research sprucing the benefits of coffee for fat burning or thermogenesis.  Have you heard about bullet coffee?

Most people I see struggling with keto and getting into the sweet spot of fat burning are drinking way to much coffee, up to 4-5 cups per day.

Coffee may help you burn fat, but in your personalised ketogenic plan, with my Naturopath hat on, I am also assessing the overall impact of coffee.

Are you having it with milk?  That’s a No on keto.   It will stop you burning ketones.

How is your liver? Too much coffee can have an impact on your liver’s ability to effectively detoxify your blood.  Reducing your coffee can give your liver the break it needs.

Are you dehydrated? If you are consuming lots of coffee each day, and not  compensating this with water intake, your body and cells will become dehydrated.  Dehydration and keto are not friends.

My recommendation on coffee – one is ok, two at most or none is better.  If after reducing coffee to one or two cups and still no keto, try having a coffee break for a while.

Top tip – cut down on coffee before starting a ketogenic diet.

Alcohol and Keto

I like having my glass of wine…can i still have it?

Most alcohol’s are too high in sugars and will stop you moving into ketosis.  The keto diet encourages a healthy lifestyle, so with this in mind less to no alcohol is best.  If you really want a drink, choose carefully with low calorie and low sugar options.

Is your goal with keto to lose weight/

If your doing keto to help lose weight, I have bad news alcohol will slow down your weight loss.  In fact, for most people it stops it in its tracks.

When you drink alcohol, your body will metabolize alcohol first.  So, a glass of wine  with dinner means that dinner spends a whole lot longer sitting in your digestive tract waiting its turn while alcohol is dealt with.  Food sitting longer equals fermentation in the gut. In walks bloating, gas and wind.

If your goal is to lose weight, you have to be committed to keto to get the results.  If having your nightly wine or alcoholic beverage is a hard habit to break, there are nutrients and herbs that we can use to help your body reduce cravings.

Fun Fact – often your need for a nightly drink is due to a blood sugar imbalance.

Try hypnotherapy or tapping to help break the drinking cycle.

Do your best to reduce/eliminate alcohol and remember your weight loss goal to help stay motivated.

Step away from the Cheese!

Don’t over eat cheese chasing after extra protein and fats to fill gaps in your diet.

Did you know that dairy is a common food allergen?  Most people have a mild to severe reaction to dairy products in their diet.  This can be easily tested with your naturopath.  I use the Food detective test with my patients.  Every single person I test reacts to dairy.

If you do react to dairy and are eating it too often, it will cause a variety of allergy reactions, different for everybody.  One thing for sure, it will block getting into ketosis.

My recommendation on cheese is less is best.  Eat it occasionally a couple of times per week.

Your Health & Keto

Are you in pain?  Feeling tired, stress and out of balance? Do you struggle with sugar cravings?

Have you had a recent health check with your naturopath or doctor to check cholesterol, blood pressure and general health and wellbeing?

It is so important to get a regular health check.  Many people turn to keto for the right reasons, but commonly I see people struggling with Keto due to underlying health issues.

The reality is if your body is struggling with health imbalances that are not managed well, it can slow keto down or even stop it.  You need to jump on board the health train and support your body to a happier, healthier you.

The good news is we can help with your healthcare and modify your keto diet to work for you.

Often nutrient and mineral deficiencies can slowing things down on keto to.  Magnesium and other minerals is a common deficiency.

There are a lot of benefits to consulting with a health practitioner to help you on your keto and health journey.  As with every diet approach it works for some people and not for others.   The best and most effective keto diet is the one that has been personalised to your health needs.

Every person is unique, with this in mind sometimes the brushstroke approach to diet is not the right way for you.  Your Naturopath can help personalise your nutrition and keto plan.

Good luck on your health and keto journey.

Don’t give up and remember why you started.

Cindi Young is a leading Australian Naturopath based on the Gold Coast.  She helps people to  follow a ketogenic program successfully while addressing underlying health issues.  She is an experienced naturopath and keto diet practitioner and will find the best ways to help you manage your weight for life.

Cindi offers guided ketogenic programs including; 30 day Keto Kick Start program, 6 week and 12 week programs.  These programs offer you the best way to learn about keto with weekly motivation and health check ups.

Cindi Young is available for naturopath and ketogenic diet consultations at The Cycle of Life in Robina, Gold Coast and at The Fountain Centre in Byron Bay.  She is also available for online, skype and phone consultations Australia wide.

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